2020 Ditch Witch JT40

Overseas Drill Rig has upgraded 120GPM mud pump from factory! 1.374 hours.

Equipment is CE certified.

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General Description:
2020 Ditch Witch JT40 Directional Drill:
-1,374 hours

(40) Rods 4.5 meter long with 2-3/8 reg connections.
Seller States: Full rack of rods with their condition rated at 90%.

Recent Work/Modifications:
Seller States:
-This machine has the upgraded 120GPM mud pump from factory.
-All servicing and up keep done by the local Ditch Witch Dealer.
-Just gone through: Full engine and hydraulic service including new jaw inserts.

Additional Information:
Seller State:
-This drill is CE Certified.
-Machine is in excellent condition.

This equipment is located in Europe. If you are an overseas client and you would like to see if this equipment would be cost effective to have shipped to your country, please contact our office and we will provide you a FREE shipping quote.

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