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HDD Broker is a free listing service for selling used directional drilling equipment including drills, mud systems, recyclers, locators, pipe, tooling and accessories. We take no fee for listing equipment, and there are no contracts. We simply require as much information about your equipment as is possible, along with as many pictures as you can supply. Additional information such as serial numbers (to verify the equipment year and will not be shared publicly), a rig history, maintenance records, and inspection report are also very beneficial.

Once we get the information, we take your asking price and add a commission to that price. The exact percentage varies depends upon your asking price. This gives us two figures (your asking price and our list price) to negotiate the right amount for a potential buyer.

We then advertise the equipment through various media until it is sold or until you tell us that it is no longer available for sale. Once a potential buyer is found, we send a brief contract outlining who the customer is, what the equipment package entails, what you are asking and what our commission is. In that manner everyone is on the same page prior to the beginning of negotiations. Often times, customers will wish to view the equipment in person. We ask that all pricing negotiations remain in the realm of HDD Broker's sales team. If our customer wishes to make an offer, we will assemble the details of the offer and present it to you for consideration.

Once a price is agreed upon, HDD Broker handles all aspects of the fund transfer and paperwork. You will simply need to provide a bill of sale to us on the buyer's behalf along with any titles that go along with the equipment. We can also arrange for freight, if needed.

You can list your equipment by:

We will need your contact information, equipment year, make, model, hours, serial number, included items, and any photos.

All that we ask of our clients is that they let us know if they have sold their equipment or if they no longer have it so that we can remove it from our websites.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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