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    Ditch Witch
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Weight 7,980 lb
Height 111 in
Width 82 in
Engine John Deere 4045TF275
Length 128 in

Additional Info

Angle of approach: 25°
Height: 111 in
Nose to rear mount length: 128 in
Length-transport: 148 in
Wheelbase: 73 in
Width: 82 in
Tread: 64 in

Forward Speeds
Low/Low: 0.6 mph
Low/High: 1.3 mph
High/Low: 4.4 mph
High/High: 9.4 mph
Reverse Speeds
Low/Low: 0.3 mph
Low/High: 0.7 mph
High/Low: 2.9mph
High/High: 6.2 mph
Vehicle clearance circle
(SAE) wall to wall with backfill blade
Front steer only: 31 ft
Front and rear steer: 21 ft
Basic unit weight: 7,980 lb
Ground clearance: 14 in

Blade width: 80 in
Blade height: 17 in
Lift height above ground: 21 in
Blade drop below ground: 11 in
Maximum swing angle (left/right): 30°
Tilt angle (up/down): 24°

Model: John Deere 4045TF275
Fuel: Diesel
Injection: Direct
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Cooling medium: Liquid
Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 276 cubic inches
Bore: 4.2 in
Stroke: 5 in
Engine manufacturers gross power rating @ 2500 rpm: 115 hp
Maximum governed, no-load speed: 2500 rpm
Estimated net power: 103 hp

Ground drive transmission: hydrostatic
Attachment drive transmission: hydrostatic, lever-operated speed infinitely
variable from zero to maximum
Differentials: planetary front and rear with optional rear steering
Service brake: Disc, foot operated
Parking brake: Disc, hand operated
Tires/Pressure: 72 psi

Pump capacity: 30.4 gpm
Pump relief pressure: 5,000 psi
Attachment Pump
Capacity: 50 gpm
Relief pressure: 6,090 psi
Attachment Pump
Capacity: 13 gpm
Relief pressure: 2,500 psi

Fuel Tank: 38 gal
Engine Oil: 16 qt
Hydraulic reservoir: 24 gal
Hydraulic system: 29 gal
Cooling system: 25 qt

Reserve Capacity: 165 minutes
SAE Cold Crank @ 0° F (-18° C) 875 amp
Auxilliary power outlet - 12 volt,10 amp

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